Developing and financing nature based solutions

At symmetry we have considerable experience in supporting the development and financing of nature based solutions

Our Work

We undertake assignments for businesses, financial institutions, governments, and development agencies in Europe, Africa and Asia, turning nature-based solutions, into long-term business opportunities.

‘’Now could be the moment we achieve a balance with the rest of the natural world and become stewards of our planet. Doing so will require systemic shifts in how we produce food, create energy, manage our oceans and use materials’’

Sir David Attenborough in 2020

We are at a decisive juncture in terms of the co-evolution of human economies and natural ecosystems. The planet’s climate is significantly changing, and biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate. These trends are intensifying, impacting local communities, companies, and economies. To reverse this trend, we must invest into solutions that build the resilience of, not degrade, ecosystems, which are more inclusive and deliver natural climate solutions.

The extent of this challenge is significant and cannot be met by public resources alone, it urgently requires the innovative capacity, technologies, and financial resources of the private sector.


At symmetry we support businesses and financial institutions re-balance their relationship with nature and local communities, delivering nature based solutions along with financial returns.

Services we provide

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Strategy and Advisory

We advise businesses, financial institutions, governments, and development agencies around the world, on how to introduce and turn nature-based solutions, into long-term business opportunities.

Developing Ecosystem/Nature Based Solutions

Building on our teams’ in-depth knowledge of natural ecosystems and given our deep understanding of the places we operate in, we develop solutions that are practical, implementable, and investible, focusing to the 4 thematic areas:

  • Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains
  • Inclusive Forestry
  • Oceans and Coasts
  • Biodiversity Conservation
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Mobilising finance

We help clients match Nature based Solutions with finance from a wide range of sources to scale impact. We can help in sourcing and structuring investments, looking to generate both financial returns and climate positive outcomes.

Knowledge development

We have produced multiple knowledge products, in the field of climate change adaptation and investment, innovative finance for conservation, sustainable and inclusive forestry and agriculture value chains and nature-based solutions.

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